Vita was born and grew up in Kostanay, Northern Kazakhstan.

Music studies brought her to St.Petersburgh, Russia, where a lot was happening on post-Perestroika Art, Music and Esotheric-Alternative circuit. She studied Choir conducting, had a part-time job as a cleaner in KGB offices and hung out with the artists and musicians who embraced the newly found freedom from the Communism and wanted to changed the country.

V. left Russia for Cambridge, UK, where she studied English and waitressed at the University. But it was not long before the bright lights (and big smoke) of London called her to move yet again, this time more permanently. In this cosmopolitan, diverse and exciting city, which she now calls home, she got introduced to many interesting and exrtaordinary people, things and outlooks on life. She met wonderful musicians, took part in recording and jam sessions, studied Jazz and Pop music in Goldsmith college and recorded a song written by a friend for his album, which became a single and got played on BBC Radio2's Bob Harris show - her claim to fame to this day ;) !

Also, in London Vita got her first taste of Yoga and got into the field of Alternative Tharapies. She qualified in Massage and Reflexology and also attended Yoga Teacher Training (Vanda Scaravelli aproach). Recently Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology were added to her subjects of interest and she is hoping to deepen her knowledge in the nearest future and make it to India one day!